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We see people all over the world trying to improve sustainability; but few are in the position to make a lasting impact. Those of us in the garment screen-printing industry are at an advantage. The exceptional performance of the latest water-based inks means there is now no need for solvent-based printing systems, immediately reducing the risk of harmful chemicals to our health and the environment.

By aiming to eliminate these chemicals from the garment-printing industry, GNA® will change the world forever.

One harmful ingredient in particular – PVC – GNA® has zero tolerance for, because:

  • during manufacture and disposal PVC emits poisonous toxins into the air,
  • during use PVC can leach phthalates,
  • when it is disposed of by land fill or incineration, it emits dioxins and heavy metals into the environment, and
  • when burnt, PVC decomposes to form Hydrogen Chloride and toxic Dioxins.

As ink manufacturers, printers and brands we have the opportunity to make a real difference. Those who choose to embrace GNA® will be recognized for operating at the forefront of legislation and chemical compliance.

As a universal certificate of compliance and sustainability, GNA® meets the customer demand to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous and environmentally damaging chemicals from the garment-printing industry.

Screen-printers will be able to increase their offering to brands and retailers, while brands and retailers improve how they exhibit their green credentials.

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why GNA® chemical standardfor brands and retailers

The GNA® label is a mark of reassurance for brands and retailers that the apparel printed for their consumers is produced under the strictest standards. The logo is a universal promise that the attached item of clothing has been printed with minimal use of hazardous chemicals, instilling confidence into the retail world.

why GNA® RSL standardfor screen-printers

As a universal certificate of sustainability, the GNA® label is a unique opportunity for screen-printers looking to increase their offering to brands and retailers. The logo identifies garments printed sustainably, with minimal levels of harmful chemicals and sets an industry standard of excellence.

Consumer-facing garment eco-brand

The GNA® label gives end-consumers the peace of mind that apparel has been printed using sustainable inks making it safe for them, their families and the environment.

Without this label, consumers have no way of knowing the environmental quality of a product.

Being featured on the garments of influential fashion and sports brands will quickly transform GNA® into a recognisable badge of respect for safe and sustainable clothing, enabling us to fulfil our ambition of being compliant across all major retailers.

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